Corporate Events

The Bastian Group plans corporate meetings and events each year, with an established group of clientele.  We can help you set up New Product Introductions, Sales Meetings, Board of Directors’ Meetings, and Shareholders’ Meetings, all arranged to reflect your business with the utmost class and attention to detail. The Bastian Group will walk you through the creation, design, and implementation of your special corporate event.

By using a combination of table sizes, chairs and/or room accessories, we can create a welcoming ambiance for your meeting. We know all too well that lighting can make or break the mood, which is why we pay close attention to the small, yet simple, details of each and every room. We will place your speakers or meeting leaders in the correct location and under the proper lighting. If your meeting requires food and beverage, we will generate a unique, one-of-a-kind menu that can incorporate one-bite finger foods or multiple course meals. The Bastian Group will always find a way to maximize the use of our client’s budget to obtain the best value possible.